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"Some friendships are bonds that can't be broken. 'Liaisons for Laughs: Angie & Ella's Summer of Delirium' tells the story of two best friends in a frank and entertaining method. A hilarious and endlessly entertaining collection of stories about the little things of life, 'Liaisons for Laughs' never stops its assault on the funny bone. A fine and entertaining novel, 'Liaisons for Laughs' is a choice pick for fiction readers."

-- Midwest Book Review (in "Small Press Bookwatch"; 5 stars on Amazon)

"...we absolutely love Robert Scott Leyse’s Liaisons for Laughs: Angie & Ella's Summer of Delirium. Leyse is the editor of the popular erotica website Sliptongue and his first book release is fun, steamy, and intelligent."

-- Ian and Alicia Denchasy, LA Weekly

“Licentious. Salacious. Those rich, naughty, mannered words from another era are given a cunning and contemporary twist in Leyse’s reinvigoration of a classic literary form--the epistolary. At a time when so many ‘real life’ intimacies are overlooked because we’re too tired to be seduced or to instigate some imaginative new direction in our mortgage anxious relationships, it’s refreshing to be reminded of the pleasures, prurient and also just plain human and often very funny, of overhearing other people’s intimacies. Fun and eroticism don’t go together nearly often enough. They do in Leyse tit for tat. This is clever, humane, word-sensual writing.”

-- Kris Saknussemm, author of Zanesville and Private Midnight

“You can feel the humidity in your own backyard as Angie and Ella soak up the summer in New York with various paramours with their super sexy, sex-positive attitudes. This is one of those books that, finally, puts sluts in their rightful places. They aren’t shameful or shamed. They’re proud of it, and having the time of their lives, and the reader will, too.”

-- Susan DiPlacido, author of 24/7 and House Money

Liaisons for Laughs re-enlivens a venerable literary tradition, the epistolary novel, but now in an arousingly contemporary form. The erotic e-mails of these two libidinous heroines recount their escapades with wicked charm and droll humor. Their tales memorialize the lusty landscape of the New York corporate world, and the bratty sophistication of their narrative voices makes their sensual adventures all the more appealing. Angie and Ella are trollops for our time, and Robert Scott Leyse is a Trollope for our time.”

-- William T. Hathaway, author of A World Of Hurt and Summer Snow

Chapter Titles; Excerpts

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I. Overture (Summer's Delirium)

II. Trailer Trollop Romp & Martin's Comeuppance

III. Office Rescue & The Nightie Shred
and Tie-Up Game

IV. Harlot Impersonation, a Cab Ride,
& Pink Grapefruit Tarts

V. Circumstances of Spying

VI. Miss Whippie

VII. Territorial Rights Regained Escapade
& Fantasy Recollection Dress-Up

VIII. Friday's Fiasco (Angie Beds a Bore)

IX. Isabel's Capture

X. Rant Fest, the Slings and Stings
of Frustrated Frolic, & Declarations of Love

XI. Ella's Goblin

XII. A Princess on the Pavement,
the Displaced Damsels Escapade,
& an Aside Concerning Bewitchment

XIII. Romance Novel Hell

XIV. Missy Mayhem & Autumn's Chill

(Angie & Ella Address the Author)


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by Robert Scott Leyse
All rights reserved.



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